SEO和SEM是英文Search Engine Marketing和Search Engine Optimization的缩写。就是根据用户使用搜索引擎的方式,利用用户检索信息的机会尽可能将营销信息传递给目标用户。简单来说,搜索引擎营销就是基于搜索引擎平台的网络营销,利用人们对搜索引擎的依赖和使用习惯,在人们检索信息的时候尽可能将营销信息传递给目标客户。
SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines. SEM usually refers to the promotion on Google or Baidu.